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The All American Cup is a team tennis tournament featuring 10 of the top American ATP Tennis Players. The players will be split into East vs West and will be captained by The Bryan Brothers.


Bob Bryan will captain the East Team, while Mike Bryan will captain the West Team.  Each team will consist of the top 4 American players born from that region along with a Captain’s pick to complete the team of 5 players.

There will be a total of five sessions and 11 matches. Each match on Friday will be worth 1 point, Saturday matches will be worth 2 points and Sunday matches are worth 4 points. Each match will be the best of 3 sets, regular scoring with the 3rd set being a 10-point tie break.

The winning team must reach 13 points. In the event of the teams being tied at 12-12, then a deciding doubles match will be played, one set, ad scoring, with a 10 point match tiebreaker.

Captains will decide their line-up the day before the event.

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  • How are teams selected?
    Each team is comprised of 5 players and a team captain. Four players are based on ranking and the 5th player is a “captain’s pick”. Four of the five players on the East and on the West teams qualify based on their ranking for the US Open entry list. Each team will have one alternate as well in case of injury.
  • How can we watch?
    All American Cup will be broadcast live on Tennis Channel.
  • What's the format for the All American Cup?
    The event consists of five sessions played over three days (Friday – Sunday). Friday matches count as 1 point, Saturday matches count as 2 points, Sunday matches count as 4 points. Both singles and doubles are best of three sets with ad scoring. In the event of split sets, the third set is a 10-point match tiebreaker. At least four of the six players must play doubles. No doubles team can play together more than once, unless for the deciding 12-12 match. The winning team must reach 13 points. In the event of a tie after all 11 matches are played, a “decider” doubles match is played as a regular set with ad scoring and a 10 point match tiebreaker. In the event that only one match is required on Sunday, an exhibition match is played following the AAC trophy ceremony. Friday’s lineup is announced on Thursday afternoon. Saturday’s lineup is announced an hour after play ends on Friday night. Sunday’s lineup is announced an hour after play ends on Saturday night. Match-ups are determined through the exchange of lineup cards by the captains.
  • What is the court surface?
    The event is played on a single one-of-a-kind Red, White & Blue hard court (by Har-True Sports Coatings) in an indoor stadium.
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